Week 4 of JuJu’s Gardening Journey

In one moment I’m siced!! The next, I’m humbled. Balance right lol? Majority of our plants are growing beautifully, but there have been some shortcomings and setbacks in JuJu’s Garden. I’m sure anyone who has a garden feels me! However, according to my research, the ups and down we experience, are normal. Nevertheless, my lord’s house is having a blast in this process!

This is week fourish of my gardening journey. I’m most excited about how my daughter Amiyah is taking to it. She, like me, is a foodie and nurturer, and loves to watch things grow. Her first thing after she hits the door and kisses daddy, is to check on her garden. My girl is amazing! My baby and I are both growing through the care and nurturing of this garden, and I love it! She’s growing just like these plants into an amazing little one, and daddy and I are proud indeed. Next time I’ll get a pic of her tending her plants LW.

Check out our progress in the pictures below! How are your garden adventures going? Let us know! Shalom!

Bibb Lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Full pot of sweet potato plants
Watermelon and Okra in the backdrop
My only corn or 4 to take root
My only green bean of 3 to take root
This Beef Steak Tomato was dying and appears to be coming back to life AP
Basil coming up alongside my peppers
This spring mix is going to be yummy!
Two of my three plants died in this pot. Blower!

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  1. Sis Sadie

    Shalom sissy, AP’a your garden looks amazing!!!! APTTMHG 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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