Transform your bedroom time and again without paint or new furniture!

As a big proponent of functional style, I’m always seeking simple ways to enhance the spaces in my lord’s home. I want the wow, without the fuss, and cost effectiveness is ALWAYS a driving force in my decision making. A little over a year ago, I looked around our bedroom and felt it needed a little something. I loved our furniture pieces, but the space lacked warmth and flare.

As I began thinking of ways to uplift the design, I immediately told myself, NO PAINT! I didn’t want a solution so permanent, that if we hated, would need to be changed, again. Not to mention the painting would fall on my lord, and I didn’t want to sign him up for an impromptu home improvement project. Besides, I wanted the transformation to be a gift and surprise to him. Eventually I etched out a plan to incorporate a Focal/Curtain Wall, which checked all the boxes! Here is what I came up with:

This look is incredibly easy to replicate, not to mention, you can constantly update your space through this single method. Most excitingly, I spent approximately $250 to complete the look, and it took less than a couple hours. Right now we are loving the deep blue, but soon a different palate may grab our attention. All I’d need to do is swap the panels. Now if this isn’t functional style, I don’t know what is! Follow these simple steps to replicate the design your way:

  1. Measure the length of the wall and purchase a curtain rod of appropriate length.
  2. Be sure to measure the height of the wall as well. You want your curtains to run the full height of the wall. Short curtains would look kind of funky.
  3. Select and purchase panels in consideration of the wall’s length and height, being mindful that you want the curtains to appear full, and not stretched to the point they are flat in appearance. For example, two 52-inch panels take up about 40 inches of decorative space along the wall. I ended up using eight panels to cover 160 inches of wall space.
  4. Install your panels on your rod, and adhere to the wall. Be mindful that your rod is adequately supported to handle the weight of the panels. Those jokers can get heavy :).
  5. Space panels appropriately, and you are all done!

I hope this inspires you to enhance your space to you and your lord’s delight. I’ve included some of my Amazon Affiliate links below, for which I may receive a small commission to operate this site, at NO cost to you. Feel free to use them or find something locally. I’m happy to provide the information all the same! Happy transformation!

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