The Scary Side of Soliciting: A Simple tip to protect your loved ones

I recently noticed a significant increase in the number of uninvited visitors annoyingly jabbing the doorbell at my lord’s home. From a couple of men claiming to be from a Christian church coming to spread the love of Cesare Borgia, to another set of men posed as college students completing research for a project. Seemingly harmless, I opt never to open the door, no matter how enticing the pitch. Opening your home to a stranger is always risky, and is even more dangerous in today’s environment. It is impossible to gauge a strangers intentions, and with human trafficking on the rise, it is critical to ALWAYS move cautiously.

Human traffickers are becoming more creative in their evil, and it only takes a split second for a member of your family to be forcibly taken. Warnings of traffickers posing as solicitors and forcing their way into people homes, recently came to my ears. Everyone should be aware of this potential danger and put safeguards in place. We hope this post is a reminder to be vigilant about your family’s safety while at home, and on the go.

I recently purchased a couple no soliciting signs to deter people from approaching our home without permission. Not only are the signs a message to redirect those who may have the idea to visit our doorstep without an invite, they also tell everyone in our neighborhood that someone on the property is unusual. Its incredibly sad that we are being targeted in our homes. Simple steps can help us protect ourselves, in addition to us first keeping the commandments and the faith in Christ.

As always, I include links as an Amazon Affiliate, when I have something helpful to share. I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. If you can find the items locally, please feel free to do so. I mainly share these links as a courtesy for your consideration. Here are the signs I purchased:

No Excuses, No Exceptions Red No Soliciting Sign

We Already Found Jesus No Soliciting Sign

Stay safe Israel!

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