The King’s Kale

You guessed it. This is my lord’s favorite salad, and hence the name. I always look to him for input and inspiration when naming my dish creations, and in this instance, his aspirations for kingship sealed the deal. Packed with nutritious veggies, pops of sweetness from cranberries, and crunchy buttery pecans for surprises of crunch, this salad is a true winner. This is a Sabbath lunch go-to that can hold up even when dressed in advanced. Now that’s King level!!

Bringing this foliage party to new heights is a dressing combo I stumbled upon. Links to each can be found below. You must have both, and you will thank me once you taste this salad. Enjoy!


  • Kale

  • Sweet mini peppers, halved, gutted, and sliced

  • Scallions, sliced including white part (discard roots)

  • Dried cranberries

  • Pecan pieces (no whole pecans)

  • Shredded mozzarella cheese

  • Gazebo Greek Dressing

  • Ken’s Honey Mustard Dressing

  • Romaine lettuce (optional)


  • Remove stems from kale, tear into pieces, wash thoroughly, and dry.
  • Once you’ve removed as much moisture as possible, massage kale to breakdown and make tender. This step is critical, so take the time and work that kale like Myra’s feet!! 🙂
  • Once kale is broken down, add romaine (just a bit if using), sweet peppers, scallions, cranberries, pecans, and cheese in the order listed.
  • Top the salad with 2:1 dressing ratio. 2 parts honey mustard to 1 part Greek vinaigrette. Feel free to adjust ratio to your liking. Enjoy!

Please note the romaine is optional. I like to throw it in, but you definitely don’t need it. Bear in mind that if you use romaine, you will not want to dress to far in advance. Romaine tends to wilt down faster. I only add a bit when I do use it for texture contrast.

I added affiliate links below if you’d like to purchase the referenced morsels from Amazon. I may receive a small commission, however, there is absolutely no charge to you. I also included a picture of the dressing bottles below for reference.

Greek Gazebo Dressing – This is a pretty good deal at approximately $5.80 per bottle if you can’t find locally. I have found at the $4 price point at my local Wal-Mart, and 5 or so bucks at Giant.

Ken’s Honey Mustard – This is a decent deal at $3.12 per bottle. I do often run across Ken’s dressings on sale 2 for $4 locally at multiple grocer chains.


  1. This salad is bomb. I never like kale salad. This one right here is so good. I definitely will be making it. Thanks Sissy

  2. Yohanna Israel

    Shalom! I finally got around to trying this salad this past Sabbath and I must say it was very tasty!! I never knew about massaging the kale – it made a huge difference. I learned something new 😊 I definitely look forward to making again! MHNCBU 💖

  3. Kamayah Israel

    This salad is bomb! Thanks for sharing! It was a delight for our Sabbath lunch.

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