Take the Kingdom FOD Decor!

This year my lord’s house is embracing a revolutionary theme to inspire ourselves, children, and any visitors to play an active and passionate role in rebuilding the decayed estate of our people. Daniel 7:18 KJV states:

“But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.”

As Israelites, we embrace the promises of the scriptures, doing our best to apply the teachings to our lifestyle of repentance. We look forward to a world controlled by a moral and just King, full of peace, joy, and safety. Our King, Jesus Christ, will sit on his throne forever, and we as his people and rightful heirs, will enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom in which he reigns.

Feast of Dedication (FOD), also known as Hannukah, is a celebration of the rebuilding and dedication of the altar, after the slaying of our enemies at the hands of our forefathers, the great Maccabees. Our forefathers were always in the mind to Take the Kingdom, which motivated their actions in this great history. Similar to how our ancestors took, rebuilt, and dedicated the altar of that day, we should aspire to do the same with our personal lives and Nation at large. This history is great to call to mind to rehearse and remember the amazing power of our God. What an incredible victory! For more information on the celebration’s history, see HERE.

Be sure to check back for updates to our FOD Decor design in progress. We are waiting on a few items, but LOVE how things are coming together, AP. A video of our current progress is on our Facebook page HERE. You will also find Feast Day Decor inspiration on the platform. Be sure to like and share our Facebook and Instagram (@homesofshalom) as well to stay connected and help others engage with us also.

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