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Slammin’ Salmon Chowmein

My lord named this dish, making it safe to say he enjoyed it. AP! Salty, sweet, and packed with veggies, this savory dish is the perfect mid-week meal that can be easily scaled to accommodate the number of mouths you have to feed. The flavor of the dish comes from […]

Chickpea Poppers

A spin and elevation of jalapeno poppers, the Chickpea Popper is a blend of harmonious ingredients in one delicious bite. Well maybe two bites :). Fresh veggies, herbs, and chickpeas are combined to form a dough, rolled into balls, and deep fried for a tasty treat sure to satisfy the […]

Yahn’s Ramen

I came up with the first version of this dish when my now hubby was sick during our proving stage. I was always cooking my favorite dishes for this man, hoping to show him my skills, and prove to him I was worthy of his provision and protection. I was […]

JuJu’s Chickpeas

These chickpeas are delicious! Enjoy as a healthy and tasty dinner side option, or add to a salad or wrap for a filling lunch or snack. I use this chickpea recipe to make my Chickaboom wrap, which is a fav of my lord’s and brothers I’ve made it for. I […]

Curry Salmon

Recipe updated 6.13.2022 I recently made this dish for an after Sabbath meal for my lord’s house and guests. The combination of very simple flavors, and a few prep tips and tricks make this meal a hit! This dish is the perfect weekday meal or feast day fave for a […]