Sabbath Prep Thursdays with Homes of Shalom!

Sabbath Prep Thursdays are making a come back to Homes of Shalom, and we are energized and excited to connect!

There are now two ways you can get involved.

  1. Weekly Sabbath Prep suggestions sent directly to your inbox every Thursday morning.
  2. Monthly Live Sabbath Group Prep Sessions the last Thursday of every month.

Here is a breakdown on both!

Weekly Sabbath Prep Suggestions

If you are interested in receiving new and exciting Sabbath Prep ideas directly to your email every week, this is for you! Lord willing, emails will be sent no later than Thursday mornings, giving you time to pick-up the items and get things prepped up before sundown Friday. The emails will also include known grocery store deals for any of the listed ingredients, and related tips. Sign-up below today! Once you are signed-up, you are all set. No need to sign-up weekly.

Monthly Live Sabbath Group Prep

Join JuJu Israel of Homes of Shalom the last Thursday evening of every month (LW) to get ahead of the Sabbath Prep dash! Starting at 6:00pm, JuJu invites folks to come together in the Homes of Shalom Zoom Room, to prepare Sabbath meals from start to finish.

During the first three weeks of the month, prepping participants will vote on which dish they want to prepare for the month. Voting options are shared via email upon successful subscription. Voting results will be released no later than Monday of the final week of the month, giving everyone plenty of time to gather ingredients, and be ready for a ton of fun cooking and fellowshipping with family Thursday night!

Recipe instructions and call-in details will be sent at least one hour prior to start time on Thursday (6pm). You must sign-up each month you are interested in Group Prep. Sign-up below to be sure you are all set to prep for July!

We look forward to this experience together! As a heads up, you may be asked to wait a few minutes to subscribe if attempting to subscribe to both lists at the same time. Quite annoying we know! We are working to fix this minor inconvenience, and appreciate your patience. Please send any questions and concerns about Sabbath Prep Thursdays with Homes of Shalom to