Revamped Routine

Learn to better organize your day to sufficiently serve your family!

Becoming a mommy is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From the moment my husband and I learned we’d welcome a prince into our family, I was cautioned repeatedly that life as I knew it would change forever. I knew they weren’t pulling my leg, but boy what an understatement!

Though our son brings tremendous joy with every coo, cry, wiggle, and irresistible smirk, his existence threw my type A personality for a loop. My structured life was shattered by a newborn y’all (lol)!! Tasks I once completed with ease seemed daunting, and nothing, I mean NOTHING, went according to schedule. This truly made me feel inadequate, frustrated, and scattered, because not only did I want to do a phenomenal job nurturing our new little one, I had a world of responsibility pre-baby that needed my attention.

No matter how hard I tried to complete my daily routine and meet the needs of my husband and family, my new mommy tasks always seemed to take over. Dinner got later, laundry wrinkled in hampers, and Sabbath meals became less elaborate. I was trying my best and feeling defeated because I couldn’t keep up. Then it dawned on me. I was failing because I was expecting my old routine to fit our family’s new situation. I came to the conclusion that my old way of doing things wasn’t going to work with our new life. I needed to adjust.

Life presents us with changes that require us to rework how we approach our day. Maybe a new schedule at work stimulates the need for change. An injury could be the cause. Perhaps you’re like me, and a new edition is the reason. Or maybe you don’t have a routine at all. Whatever the motivation, here are five tips you can implement to increase the functionality in your home and everyday life.

  1. Make sure your routine honors God’s order – As much as you love and adore your little person, don’t put them before your husband. Remember, it is The Most High, Christ, Man, Woman, THEN Children. Your lord still needs meals prepared, a clean home etc. Formulate a plan with your husband as the priority. If you find that some things will need to change from what your husband has grown accustom to, speak to him about it and try to devise a solution that works. It is important not to change the routine without consulting him. For example, if you find that your revamped routine calls for you to move dinner up one hour, make sure you communicate that before hand. It may take some time to come up with the perfect routine for your lord’s house, but communicate and commit to getting it right! 🙂
  2. List your Must DO’s – This list is comprised of everything that must get done daily and when it must or is most ideal to get done. For example, prepare husband’s lunch for the next day, clean kitchen, the baby’s feeding schedule etc. Assign time slots for each activity for flexibility. For example, “Prepare Dinner – 4:30 – 6:30 pm.” This list is considered the Skeleton Schedule. Tip – plan for downtime
  3. List weekly goals – Weekly goals are different from your Must DOs. This list consists of things that are high on your priority list, but won’t obstruct the flow of the home if it goes undone. For example, one of my recent goals was redoing our garden bed in the front of the house. Remember, these are things you hope to complete in addition to your Skeleton Schedule. Shoot for the goal, but don’t kill yourself. You may also elect to list monthly and yearly goals. The choice is yours. I recommend starting with the weekly list so that you don’t become overwhelmed in the beginning. Once you’re a proficient goal setter, the sky’s the limit!
  4. Complete EVERYTHING on the Skeleton Schedule FIRST! – As much as you may want to skip to weekly, monthly or annual goals, stick to the MUST DOs first!! Items on your Weekly list may be more appealing, but they aren’t the priority. Stay focused. Decently and in order is our standard.
  5. Track the progress of your plan – Using a notebook or word document on your laptop/computer create a tracker. Creating a tracker will help you document and gauge how well you are doing in the completion of your skeleton schedule and other goals. This trend data will help you identify weaknesses in your routine, making it easier to tweak your schedule for success! Use this tracker to get you started!

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