My baby was forced to take antibiotics. Now what?

The suggestions included in this post are based on personal experiences. The author is merely sharing what worked for them, and is not suggesting the information herein is medical advice. Please proceed with this understanding.

Nowadays, many families have made a conscience decision to avoid synthetic medication in the treatment of ailments. Not only are parents increasingly saying No to vaccines, which supposedly prevent certain infectious disease, families are also refusing antibiotics.

When our handsome prince Joshua was born earlier this year, my lord and I were forced by doctors to give him antibiotics, as a so-called precautionary measure. We insisted that tests be done to conclusively show he had an infection. Three separate tests were done. All came back negative for infection.

Being in the hospital was never our plan. Two weeks after my given due date, our little one was staying put, and our decision for a homebirth could no longer move forward. After 42 weeks of gestation, midwives typically turn you over to the traditional hospitals. This is how I wound up at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

After signing the hospital’s refusal before delivery, making it clear to the doctor and staff that we were absolutely against all vaccination and unnecessary medication, we were approached several times asking if we were sure about our decision. You would think that someone as educated as a doctor would have basic comprehension ability. Once it became crystal clear that we were not budging on vaccination, the need for him being treated with antibiotics surfaced. We immediately told them, No. Again.

Inova doctors continued to insist on treating him with antibiotics, based on a slightly lower than normal body temperature, and the claim that I had an infection uncovered during my emergency C-section. I pressed for a test proving I had an infection, and was told the placenta was being evaluated to provide this information. I had an extremely healthy pregnancy, and all tests leading up to my hospital admittance were glowing!

Though they tried to bring my age up as a factor (JuJu is only 36 y’all lol), the fact remained that I had a picture perfect pregnancy, and Joshua’s testing throughout was stellar. While still reeling from the trauma of surgery, and the shock of having our little one born initially lifeless, I couldn’t believe these folks were proposing further invasion of foreign substances into our son’s body.

Our answer was still No, and we pressed now for test results proving I had an infection, since this was the partial basis for their reasoning. Their medical evidence proving such was relayed to my husband and I as, “a smell of infection”. Though Red Rover and Scooby and their spidey sense of smell assured us this was conclusive enough to justify three rounds of antibiotics, I pressed for the location of my placenta and its associated testing. Over nine months later, I still have yet to receive the placenta testing, and the staff has yet to tell me where my placenta ever went! I can venture a few guesses.

After several hours of pressure, and less than 24 hours after my emergency delivery, we were cornered in the hospital room by several doctors and staff, threatening that our refusal to allow antibiotics could be seen as neglect, and our brand new baby could be taken from us.

We were so emotionally and physically exhausted, and instead of bonding with our son, we were battling with bullies over what we believed was best for him. With our backs against the wall, we conceded to the treatment, but only under our constant supervision. Our son would not be out of our sight for one second, for any reason. Where he went, one of us did also, period.

During the first days of our sons life, I never cried so much in all my life. I felt so helpless, and the curses of Deuteronomy burned in my mind. I had no power over my own body, and my husband nor I could do anything to protect our child. I imagined how powerless that made my Prophet feel, and it only made me cry more.

They refused to honor our wishes and forced their will upon us with the terror of our son’s removal. I cried out to the Father with great sorrow in that period, begging for protection, for peace, but most of all vengeance. I’m confident he will repay in His time.

My lord watched over us day and night, as we reminded each other to stay strong in the power of the Almighty. After much research, diligence, and wisdom, we managed to have our son and myself discharged from the hospital early. Typically Inova holds mothers four days after a C-section. I was healing very quickly APTTMH, and insisted that I be released just before the start of day three. I wanted to get as far away from that place as possible. My son and I were not safe in that facility.

Shortly after we got our son home, I went about repairing the damage the antibiotics had no doubt done to his developing body. Antibiotics completely wipe out all bacteria, both good and bad. These synthetic drugs aren’t sophisticated enough to be selective. This complete wipe out leaves your baby susceptible to Gastrointestinal issues. To remedy this, I started taking probiotics daily, as well as administering probiotics to him. I will provide links to what I used below.

Wikipedia defines probiotics as live microorganisms promoted with claims to improve and restore gut flora. In simpler terms, the probiotics put in what the antibiotics strip out.

I recommend starting probiotics right away to avoid any further complications for your little one. The remedy was slightly delayed for us, while we did research to devise the best course of action. In that very short period, our baby boy got a horrible diaper rash that took slightly over two weeks to clear up. It was so bad, we had to get a prescribed ointment, on top of all the other natural remedies we were doing. He also had quite a bit of gassiness during this period.

Before we discuss specifics, I want to remind you I’m an Amazon Affiliate. I include links that I may receive a small commission from, at absolutely no cost to you. If you can find these items locally, or through another online vendor, please feel free to do so. The included links are merely a courtesy for those interested.

Three Tips to Help You Baby After Antibiotics

If your little one is put in a situation where they MUST take antibiotics, the following tips can help prevent other complications:

  1. Moms can start probiotics immediately and take for at least 30 days: I used RenewLife with 25 Billion Cultures and 12 Strains. There are options with more cultures, but this one worked nicely for me.
  2. Babies can start probiotics immediately and take for at least 30 days: I gave our son Culturelle Baby Grow + Thrive Probiotics + Vitamin D.
  3. Change your little one often and use diaper cream: Your baby’s body will be working hard eliminating toxins, which will end up in their diaper. It is important to keep this toxic waste from touching the skin for significant periods of time. The diaper cream will work as a barrier between changes. Please don’t skip this tip. A baby battling a diaper rash is absolutely gut wrenching!

Making healthcare decisions for your children is always a weighty matter. The scriptures, prayer, fasting, counsel and research, will help you make sounder decisions for your family as we navigate these increasingly difficult times.

Please share your stories with us as well. Let us know if you’ve been in a similar situation. Thank you for allowing me to share our story with you. Be safe Israel, Shalom!

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