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Homes of Shalom has featured the Momma Home School Room before, and because they are so awesome, we are featuring them again! This time around, Chaya Yali Israel is cooking up preschool curriculum to help our littles learn additional languages. I came across this information on her Facebook page, and there are more details to be found on the website. She’s developed resources for Sign Language and Spanish, and French is in the works. This is a wonderful skill to develop for future generations! Here are links to the available products and information:

Complete Spanish Preschool Curriculum Kit

Sign Language Flashcards

Spanish Flashcards

Spanish Learning Desk Mat

Be sure to check out her vast offerings, including several freebies. She also has a monthly subscription option to receive new Learning Packs each month for only $10 bucks! This is Kingdom building at it’s finest. All praises to the Father!

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