Keep track of your FOT Inventory with this convenient tracker checklist!

Soon we will pack our lives to journey into the wilderness in observance of the Feast of Tabernacles; Or at least that is what it feels like. Item after item, packed, tucked, crammed, to ensure we have the best, most prepared time hanging with family and commemorating our deliverance from Egypt (for a FOT overview see here). Each year we become more efficient in our preparation, using various methods and approaches to keep things organized. This year I set out to create a simple checklist that can track the FOT Inventory for my lord’s house. My goal was three-fold:

  1. Create a list that can be used the day of load-up to check-off all items to be certain nothing is left behind (we left our bed one year y’all!).
  2. Create an updateable list that will make it easier to assess what supplies need to be replenished for the upcoming year.
  3. Create a list that is electronic, but can also be downloaded and printed.

All praises I was able to come up with a document that can be downloaded and updated on any electronic device with Adobe Reader. The document includes two checklist columns that help differentiate between items purchased and those actually packed, a category dropdown for organization ease, as well as item description and quantity columns. Simple and straightforward to help us increase the peace in our homes, because Lord knows, FOT packing can be super stressful!

I hope you all find this as helpful as I have! Enjoy and let us know if you’d like any updates made. Also be sure to connect with us on social media @homesofshalom. Tons of content not shared on the site!

Also, for great FOT content and other helpful resources, check out the Daughters of Sarah site often. They are a Homes of Shalom go to and fav!

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