Improve Wood Floor Staircase Safety with this Simple Solution

When my lord initially installed wood flooring in our home, I nearly broke my neck and whole left side coming downstairs one morning. Not to mention, I was still healing from delivering our son, and a serious fall could have caused a great deal of damage. I loved the look of our floors, but I knew I had to do something to ensure the safety of my family. I have little people up and down the stairs as well, so it was imperative I implemented something quickly, without breaking the bank or distorting the aesthetic.

After conducting some research online, I came across non-slip stair tape, which appeared to be what I needed. Now about one-year after installing, I can confidently say these are the perfect solution for improved stair case safety for homes with wood flooring. Here are some images of the install in my lord’s home:

Full install of virtually invisible stair tape.
Thin and easy to adhere.
Virtually invisible to the naked eye.

I absolutely recommend this solution, and have provided a link below to the brand I used. I did see it for about 10 bucks cheaper on Amazon as well, but I’m not certain how well those work. Please note I’m an Amazon Affiliate, which means I may receive a commission from sales resulting from clicked links on this site. This helps to cover the cost of operating the site. As I always say, feel free to pick up the pieces from another online vendor, or purchase locally. The links are merely a courtesy.

Transparent Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape

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