How to make crispy breakfast potatoes

Mushy breakfast potatoes suck. Plain and simple. Nobody wants mashed potatoes for breakfast. Getting crispy potatoes is super easy, you’ve just got to follow a few helpful tips.

  1. Wait for your oil to get hot – Be patient and allow your oil to heat up properly. I prepare my hash browns and home fries on medium to medium-high heat in avocado oil. I use avocado oil because it is a healthier option that is flavorless and has a high smoke point. Test the oil before adding your potatoes by placing one potato in the pan and waiting to hear that beautiful sizzle.
  2. Cook in batches – Too many potatoes in the pan will lead to mushy potatoes because of the steam created. Avoid pale and soupy potatoes by cooking in batches so that every potato touches the bottom of the pan in one single layer. You don’t want any potatoes stacked on one another. Once you have the beautiful color you’re looking for, remove from the pan. Don’t worry if some of the potatoes are a touch too firm. Once you’ve made all your batches, add everything back in the pan together at the end to cook through. Don’t burn your potatoes trying to get every single potato tender in the batch cooking process.
  3. Cut potatoes into uniform pieces – Uniform pieces of potato will make sure your breakfast potatoes cook evenly. It is impossible to have exact pieces if cutting by hand, but do your very best.

That’s it! Add some peppers, onions and other veggies and enjoy better breakfast potatoes!

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