How Dynamic Mommies are Helping Others Endure the Troubles of Education

Many Israelite families began transitioning their children to homeschool learning years ago. The Plandemic accelerated this for a number of families, who didn’t feel prepared to take on the massive task of becoming their children’s primary education provider. I personally believe it was the best thing to happen to us. Sometimes, we need a little nudge from the Father to do what is best for our families and Nation.

As families attempt to wrap their minds around what so many dub the “new normal”, I can only imagine the number of Google searches and YouTube videos that have been consumed. A great deal of information is out there, but very little of it is tailored for Israelite children. Over the past few months, I’ve learned of a couple new resources designed by Israelite mothers, with our special babies in mind! All praises to the Father for these amazing spirits!!

The first I encountered is Kingdom Goals. This site has a plethora of learning posters, as well as binders, and play kits. I have several of the posters posted above my son’s crib. When my little Bean’s pops his head up from a restful night, he is surrounded by learning. I love it!

The most recent resource I encountered has a new website, and is uploading content consistently!! I initially found this sister on Facebook, and have been enriched by her gift ever since. Her company, Momma Homeschool Room, provides a range of printables, sensory bins, homeschool ideas, and posters. She also provides tons of freebies, which is so in the spirit! I love when our people give freely of their gifts to the benefit of our people. We shouldn’t charge for everything in my opinion. Not if your mindful of building a Kingdom. The gifts belong to the Father and Nation anyway.

I’ve personally used content from both sites, and I’m so happy these creative and brilliant sisters have taken the time to share this amazing gift with the Nation. The truth is, we are our children’s first educators, and they shouldn’t have to leave the comfort and love of our homes to learn. With resources such as these, we can begin to function as a community, lifting and helping one another along in the interest of good for us all. We will endure the troubles of education together, APTTMH!

Use these resources to inspire your inner Maccabees Mama (read 2 Maccabees 7)! Also, link up with other Homeschooling Mommies in your area and build a network to support our brilliant children. If you can get a handful of diligent sisters together, you can develop a dynamic learning environment and curriculum among your group. If you are close enough, split the Homeschool load among the network.

For example, one mother take Mathematics on Monday, and all children in the group go to that home to learn the day’s lesson. The following day, another mother will teach Reading/Writing to the group, and so on to cover all pertinent subjects. Spreading the responsibility among a group of sisters, will help lighten the load and prevent burnout. Days you don’t have to manage the lesson for the group, are perfect opportunities to get on top of other responsibilities in your home. It is important to start thinking and working collectively in the interest of efficiency.

Online learning is also an option when starting a Homeschool Group. The group can use Zoom if all children have a laptop and Internet access. It would be awesome to have our children learning from people with different styles and perspectives. Be sure to join with families you know and have proven.

If you have any ideas or resources you use to homeschool your children, please share them with us!

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