Hosting a Feast Party in Your Home

Being a gracious host is something we all should aspire to be. Hospitality and charity are cornerstones of our culture, and can be beautifully expressed during feast day celebrations with a little effort. In this post, I’ve included 5 tips to help pull together your next hosted event. As tumultuous times continue to unfold according to biblical prophesy, a lot more of our gathering will be taking place in our homes. Remember to prove all guests according to the scriptures, as we are often reminded by our leaders.

I also have a special treat at the conclusion of this post to inspire us all to level-up our hosting game!

Five Tips to Become a Hostest with the Mostest

  1. Get feedback from attendees

Part of being a gracious host is being considerate of the desires of those you’re hosting. Although you may not be able to get feedback from every person you plan to attend, be sure to reach out to a few in your party to make sure your plans on on point with expectations! One way I’ve gathered this information in the past, is through a simple Google Form. Post a series of questions through the form, and ask that your guests complete it prior to you planning the event.

2. Create a Theme

Creating a theme helps to give your party plans focus. You can build a theme around the menu, which will shape how you plan to decorate the space, and even the invite you’ll send. One extra tip, ALWAYS send an invite. Your guests are certainly worth it! A few simple theme ideas are:

  • Tribe specific theme – select a tribe or combination of tribes and develop the theme around that. A simple idea is a Taco Bar highlighting a few dishes from the tribe of Issachar. One of my faves!
  • Movie Night – select a movie to watch as a group, and develop the theme around elements within the film.
  • Wine Tasting – select a range of wines and host a party complete with tasty finger foods to accentuate the evening.

3. Offer Options Based on Guest Preferences

Nothing is worse then watching a guest struggle through an evening because there is noting available for them to enjoy. This is why it is critical to get attendee feedback (Tip 1). One rule of thumb is to offer a plant-based, fish, or meat option depending on your party. It is also important to offer non-alcoholic beverages if you plan to serve alcohol. The idea is to be considerate that everyone have something they can fully enjoy.

4. Include Activities

Activities add pizzazz to the evening, and help guests bond. Cards, board games, and other group games are perfect to break the ice. One group game I love to play with guests is Second Thoughts, which you can pick up at Target.

5. Take Home Options

One thing I’m working to improve is giving guests take away options. Be prepared with containers that allow guests to take leftover food away with ease. Israel loves food and if it was slammin’, they want to go plates lol. Plates and foil care be so messy, so level-up your to-go options!

I’m an Amazon affiliate and included links to help make your party planning a bit easier. I may receive a small commission, but as always, I encourage you to check local stores or other online vendors if desired. The links provided are merely a courtesy.

To go options

Check out this video of a beautifully hosted feast by the House of Tarrick!! This thang is next level!! Beautifully done family! AP!

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