Help!! My Pantry is Overflowing!

We went from pigeon shopping to full Winter prep mode, and for many Israelite families, every nook, cranny, fridge, freezer, drawer, and pantry runneth over! I don’t know about your home, but I have a little some of everything, everywhere, and it drives me crazy. As I continue to prepare my lord’s house for the days ahead, I’ve become more mindful of not just accumulating everything we need, but how to organize it so that our space is tidy and functional.

There are a few ways I addressed by storage dilemma, one of which has truly changed the game. Through the use of a couple standalone shelves and foldable cube storage bins, I’ve been able to minimize overflow chaos. Check it out:

I organize the bins by category, making it easy for me or a member of the family to find something they may need. If you look closely, you can see I also use this unit to house my deep fryer and other kitchen gadgets/appliances, placing them on the back shelf behind the cubes for a cleaner look. You can find the shelves and cubes in a range of colors to match to your kitchen’s aesthetic. I went with gray to tie in nicely with the floors. This solution was also fairly economical, taking approximately $120 bucks to pull off.

Here are a few additional images of the solution to give you a bit more inspiration!

Please note I’m an Amazon Affiliate, which means I may receive a commission from sales resulting from clicked links on this site. This helps to cover the cost of operating the site. As I always say, feel free to pick up the pieces from another online vendor, or purchase locally. My lord actually bought the shelving pictured from Lowes or Home Depot. The links are merely a courtesy.

Standalone Shelving

Foldable Cubes


  1. Absolutely love this storage idea!

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