Healing Foods to Boost your Immunity

As the age old saying goes, you are what you eat. The health of many in our Nation suffers as a result of our diets. In recent weeks, the leaders of the black, hispanic, and native american communities have challenged individuals as a collective to improve their lives through health and fitness, in what’s being dubbed the “Burn the Fat” campaign. All praises! Learn more about those leaders and organization here.

Several health food and fitness focused groups have recently cropped up on Facebook, to support and motivate Israelites to get their health in order. Healthy Brews 101 and 3 Miles a Day for Better Health are a couple examples of groups helping the Nation get our bodies in order. Beneficial information is being shared within these groups, including lists of healing foods to incorporate into our diets. The following list can assist you in the start of your journey of burning the fat for a healthier life:

What health foods do you know of that can be added to this list? Let us know and we will continue to grow and share good things together. Shalom!

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