Go Garden Grow!! Interactive Chat Series Coming Soon!

On February 27, Homes of Shalom will host its first interactive chat series to support, inspire, and learn with gardeners putting their hand to the plough to bring about a harvest in 2022! Chats will be topic/theme based, geared at equipping us all with more knowledge to increase our self-sufficiency this year. We hope to share tons of information over the next several months including tips for:

  • Planning and timing for an abundant harvest
  • Growing specific crops
  • Designing the perfect garden layout
  • Protecting your bounty from annoying pests
  • Purchasing must haves for gardening success and much more!

Homes of Shalom encourages anyone interested in gardening to join, no matter how modest your plans or limited your knowledge. Whether starting a small window seal or balcony set-up, or years into cultivating a sprawling backyard garden, please join us to prepare for greater success this growing season. The vibe will be relaxed, positive and inclusive, encouraging everyone to contribute and participate as they desire.

Upcoming Chat Series

How to Start Seedlings Indoors

At the duration of this chat session, you will learn the basics and more when it comes to starting seeds indoors in preparation for Spring planting. A lot of gardeners may have already begun this step, but there are still plenty of crops you can start indoors depending on what zone you are in. Be sure to find your planting/hardiness zone HERE, which will let you know approximately how many weeks you have left to get started. The given date is just a good estimate. There may be some wiggle room, which I will explain on the chat.

Also feel free to use this online tool to learn which plants you can still start indoors based on your zip code/zone. The back of your seed packets will also give you some insight. Even if these resources show you missed some of the crop deadlines for your zone, tune in to learn what you can do to make the most of things going forward. There is still time to get ahead of the gardening grind, so don’t be discouraged.

If you’d like to participate and work through this step while online chatting and learning, be sure to pick up the following supplies:

  • Seeds
  • Soil (potting or seed starting mixture/blend)
  • Celled container tray with plastic lid
  • Labels/Markers
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Gloves (optional)

You will also need the following to complete your set-up, which can be done afterward. I plan to cover these items more in depth to make sure you’re confident in making a selection best for your needs:

  • Lightbulbs – We will cover what kind you need.
  • Stand to hold lights – I’ll show you how to make one affordably out of PVC piping and clamp lamp lights. There are also some other solutions and options you can purchase online.
  • Warming mat – I’ll share what I have and some other solutions I’ve come across.

Sign up HERE to receive more information for this and upcoming chat sessions. Sign-up is REQUIRED. We look forward to growing with you! Even if you are too late to start seeds indoors, join us to get a jump start on next year’s garden planning. We are going to have some fun LW!

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