Dynamite Dollar Store Decor: Feast Day Design Inspiration

When I started brainstorming my home design for this year’s Feast of Dedication celebration, I immediately honed in on creating something to accent my archway. I wanted something beautiful, but extremely cost effective. I needed an idea that I could use to decorate on a budget, and this wreath and it’s accessories definitely fit the bill!

Each of the items picture were purchased from one of Israel’s favorite stores, the Dollar Tree. I wanted to keep it festive and vibrant, and decided to make the color scheme purple and gold. That’s right!! I was able to find a purple bird clip and gold wrap to cover the wreath. I happened to have ivy and blue flowers from a previous project, and added them to enhance the wreath’s design.

It took about 5 minutes to put it together, which means not only did I save money, I saved valuable time. I’m sure all sisters can appreciate that! This year I learned a little goes a long way when you are in the spirit, and let your creative juices flow.

My final design takeaways are:

  • Hit the Dollar Store or any cost savings franchise.
  • Re-use items you already have.
  • Fuse the old and new to create a fresh design that you and your family loves!
  • The thrift store may also be a great place to gather design inspiration and materials.

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