Date Night Ideas: Backyard Rendezvous

Marriage is celebrated daily in Israel AP! I recently wanted to show my lord my appreciation for his daily efforts in leading our family and being a righteous example. Our husbands endure much hardship in the world, and it is up to us women to provide a place of peace when they return to their homes. With a few candles, Tiki torches, and elements for a comfortable outdoor table setting, I transformed my lord’s backyard into a outdoor extravaganza, perfect for date night any day of the week.

This at home date night is the perfect perk-it-up for your relationship in the midst of the pestilence the Father is bringing to the earth. I was able to create an oasis for my lord, safely, and complete with all of his favorite things. Not to mention, this is a coin saver and we didn’t have to wear masks y’all!! AP!

Take a look at the pictures below for inspiration to surprise your lord with a date night he won’t soon forget! My lord and I had a fantastic time, and avoided traffic completely. Go ahead sista get your backyard date on!

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