COVID-19 Immunity Booster

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, people are seeking ways to naturally strengthen their body’s defenses. Many have confidence in the following combination of ingredients as an immunity booster. The concoction’s creator doesn’t position it as a cure, nor does Homes of Shalom. It is however, a natural means to assist our bodies in fighting off respiratory viruses. Use this herbal blend to increase you immunity in preparation for the Winter months.

I make a slightly modified version of this helpful recipe using lemons (with peel), kale, ginger, garlic, liquid zinc, and sometimes honey. I recently stopped using honey to increase the potency, as was also suggested, especially for those with diabetes. I ordered some oregano oil to add to the mixture based on another awesome recommendation given on Friday Night Raw!! Be sure to tune in every Friday night to the IUIC Asaph Channel for similar information and so much more!

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Oregano Oil

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