Spice it up Sundays

Join us as we explore different spices, seasonings, and herbs to help us better understand how to flavor our food!  Select Sunday we go live from the Homes of Shalom Facebook page to provide an in-depth video overview of a selected flavoring.  Be sure to join us by clicking here!

Spice it up Sunday Review: Cilantro

Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs, pairing well with a number of spices for a balanced and delicious flavor. Learn a bit more about the citrusy herb used in cuisines throughout the world. Be sure to share your input in the comments, and let us know how you use […]

Spice it up Sunday Review: Cumin

Now y’all know I’m about to get started on this one here!! Cumin is such a slept on spice, and it’s time we give it some respect! Used in dishes throughout the 12 tribes and other nations we’ve influenced, cumin is star with the ability to feature, as well as […]

Spice it up Sunday Review: Crystallized Ginger

With a balance of heat and sweetness, this flavoring is versatile indeed. Largely used in desserts including cookies, breads, and even pie topping, crystallized ginger also lends itself nicely to sauces as well as immunity boosting teas and juices. I recently used this in a delightful unleavened bread recipe, which […]

Spice it up Sunday Review: Badia Sazon Trifecta

After being introduced to these yummy seasonings about two years ago, they’ve become a kitchen staple in my lord’s house. In a week full of cooking, I probably use one of these seasonings in 70% of the dishes I make, which is a conservative percentage. I’ve dubbed these three the […]

Spice it up Sunday Review: Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth (SOTE) is a family branded Himalayan Season Salt company operating under the umbrella of the 12 Tribes Global Company. SOTE is headquartered in Maryland. The all purpose seasoning is used to flavor a vast range of food and dishes, and currently comes in three distinct blends: […]