Side Dishes

A plate is not complete without delectable side dishes to compliment the main course. Explore sides that steal the show!

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Savory Sweet Potatoes

Family!! I did a thing, and it was completely unexpected! All praise and glory to the Father! We all know and enjoy sweet potatoes with the brown sugar, butter, cinnamon etc. I’ve even roasted sweet potatoes with herbs, and although it was tasty, it didn’t give WOW. This recipe definitely […]

Roasted ZVB Salad

You are probably wondering what the heck ZVB means, and its pretty simple. Zucchini, Veggies, and Beans. Those are the primary ingredients in this dish, and when I tell y’all this can replace even your favorite carblicious side, I tell not one lie. This dish is extremely versatile, and has […]

Northern Kingdom Pinto Beans

There are few things more comforting and healthy than a yummy bowl of flavorful beans. If you enjoy beans as much as my family does, you are definitely going to want to try this pot of deliciousness! The flavor profile of these beans is no doubt Northern Kingdom. Bursting with […]

Simple Cauliflower Rice

This simple recipe is a new go to in my lord’s house as a rice replacement. Try in place of your favorite rice dishes for a lighter side option. I added an extra tablespoon of tomato sauce the second time I made this, and loved it so much I updated […]

Phebe’s Simple Spanish Rice

This simple Spanish rice recipe is the perfect side dish for anything Northern Kingdom. With hints of nutty cumin flavor throughout, this rice is sure to accentuate your meal indeed! I recently served this rice with yummy Vegan Sopas, which are pictured. Enjoy!

Ginger + Garlicky Veggies

The recipe below is super yummy, and the perfect side dish for veggie lovers. No quantities are given, but use equal parts of all vegetables depending on the amount you plan to prepare. I normally chop up a bunch of veggies and add them to a large Ziplock, and cook […]