Between two slices, on a bun, a roll, or even open face, explore a world of sammich fun!

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Issa Wrap: Sabbath Salmon Bowl

Issa Wrap because you will get a two for one with this recipe as pictured. Whether enjoying as a bowl or a wrap, this recipe is an excellent way to mix up your Sabbath meals. The sauce and toppings make this recipe so delicious, and it super easy to make. […]

JuJu’s Three Bean Burger

Periodically we go meatless in my lord’s house, which means I have to get a bit more creative in the kitchen. As a big bean fan, I decided to see what could come of mixing some of our faves together. After a few trial runs, I came up with a […]

Medi-Veggie Quesadilla

This Mediterranean inspired vegetable quesadilla is a perfect way to easily mix-up Sabbath eats. If you’re looking for something new to try this Sabbath, this combination of roasted veggies, creamy hummus, and salty cheeses is the way to go. This handheld treat is delicious pipping hot and room temp, and […]

JuJu’s Jyro

As a nod to my DC/MD family, I bring you JuJu’s JYro! When I moved to the DC area over 10 years ago, I was taken by their distinct lingo, including the word, “JY”. Over time I came to learn the meaning, and even incorporated it into my vocabulary eventually. […]

Fried Fish Po’ Boy Wrap

I recently came up with this recipe, and it is already highly requested. AP to the Father for that thing! I created it visiting one of my favorite families, which I’m sure largely contributed to its success. When you cook happy, it turns out delightfully! The Fried Fish Po Boy […]

JuJu’s Jerk Salmon Wrap

We love a good ole wrap in my lord’s house, and this bad boy is flat out slammin’! The subtle heat of the jerk spice is nicely balanced by the tart and sweet mango salsa, and cool herbaceous garlic aiolo. Complete with the super green, kale, and other tasty veggies, […]