Few things compare to a well seasoned and balanced meal. Explore these tasty marinades, sauces and dressings to make your dish a hit!

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Hot Honey Basil Chicken

I’m arguably my happiest in the kitchen. The garden is a close second, but its something about the aromas, sounds, and synchronized chaos of the cooking epicenter, that truly makes the kitchen my happy place. It’s where the Lord allows a great deal of creativity to flow through me. I’m […]

Thai Peanut Sauce

This sauce is so delicious and can be used in a number of preparations. A perfect dipping sauce, dressing, and general sauce, the flexibility of this yumminess can create a host of meals! This sauce is featured in the Issa Wrap Sabbath Bowl recipe as well as the Thai Spicy […]

JuJu’s GG Sauce

This simple sauce packs a big punch! The GG is for Ginger and Garlic, which both sing at the rooftops in this recipe. Reminiscent of modern Asian flavors, this sauce/marinade is equally yummy on meats, fish, and even veggies! This sauce is featured in our Garlicky Ginger Halibut recipe, as […]

Cilantro Chile Lime Vinaigrette

Salad is a go to meal in my lord’s house, and we love tasty homemade dressings. I came up with this recipe on a week-night when I had only a few moments to whip up dinner. A nice mound of romaine lettuce, filled with tomatoes, avocado, red onion, scallions, fajita […]

Cilantro Honey Lime Crema

This tasty sauce is always a hit, and requested time and again when I entertain in my lord’s home. It literally makes anything taste yummy lol. Try over salmon, chicken, or as a dressing for salad. The flexibility of this sauce will make it a kitchen staple for your home […]

JuJu’s Fish Fry Mix

This fish fry mixture is delicious and super simple! With just a few ingredients, you will be able to enjoy the natural taste of the fish, with just the right amount of flavor. The recipe above coats approximately 8-10 fillets of fish. The secret ingredient is the baking powder, so […]