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Phebe’s Vegan Sopes with Vegan Ranch

I had a recent bout with acidity, and started eating lightly to try to normalize my levels. In the midst of being mindful and intentional of what I was putting in my body, the mood for something fried hit me! If I was going to give in to my indulgence, […]

JuJu’s Three Bean Burger

Periodically we go meatless in my lord’s house, which means I have to get a bit more creative in the kitchen. As a big bean fan, I decided to see what could come of mixing some of our faves together. After a few trial runs, I came up with a […]

Chickpea Poppers

A spin and elevation of jalapeno poppers, the Chickpea Popper is a blend of harmonious ingredients in one delicious bite. Well maybe two bites :). Fresh veggies, herbs, and chickpeas are combined to form a dough, rolled into balls, and deep fried for a tasty treat sure to satisfy the […]

JuJu’s Vegan Smothered Bean Burrito

Growing up in Colorado, I was surrounded by Issachar culture. For those unaware, Issachar is the Biblical name for Mexicans. Their food is full of flavors and textures that send your taste buds on a journey you want to make time and again. One taste bud journey I loved taking […]