Fins + Scales

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JuJu’s Chilean Sea Bass and Tomato Salad

I often brainstorm different recipes, trying to wow my lord, who is a total foodie. As we grow together, I get a better understanding of what he enjoys, and do my best to capture his desires in the dishes I prepare. This dish is one my husband claims as a […]

Garlicky Ginger Halibut

Enjoy this delightful fish over rice with a yummy veggie medley. Or ditch the carbs completely, and enjoy with a flavorful vegetable. Check out this simple veggie side I prepare for my family, which is always a hit! Be sure to share, and drop a comment if you decide to […]

Lawful Seafood Stuffed Baked Potato

Before coming into the knowledge of God’s dietary laws, I consumed a number of abominable foods. Crabs, shrimp, crawfish, scallops etc. At the time I didn’t know God strictly forbade the consumption of these items. Having come into this understanding roughly three years ago, I immediately changed my diet, and […]

Slammin’ Salmon Chowmein

My lord named this dish, making it safe to say he enjoyed it. AP! Salty, sweet, and packed with veggies, this savory dish is the perfect mid-week meal that can be easily scaled to accommodate the number of mouths you have to feed. The flavor of the dish comes from […]

JuJu’s Cajun Salmon Pasta

Veggies, pasta, and succulent salmon are tied together with a creamy, boldly spiced cheese sauce in this yummy dish. My lord recently had chicken Cajun pasta at Chili’s, which was pretty tasty (yes I snuck a little off his plate lol). He always challenges me to recreate things he enjoys, […]

Fried Fish Po’ Boy Wrap

I recently came up with this recipe, and it is already highly requested. AP to the Father for that thing! I created it visiting one of my favorite families, which I’m sure largely contributed to its success. When you cook happy, it turns out delightfully! The Fried Fish Po Boy […]