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Nanaaba’s Pepper Steak

I stumbled across this recipe, and recently made it for my lord’s house and a couple brothers. It was a hit y’all, AP! I normally research a ton of recipes, try them, and then implement my own twist and style. I must admit, I didn’t change one thing here, and […]

JuJu’s Pot Roast with Root Vegetables

As the days grow colder, the desire for warm and satisfying comfort food intensifies. Gravies, sauces, scrumptious starches, and tender meats all balanced in beautiful symphony, is something to look forward to on a chilly fall/winter evening. I’m always looking to elevate familiar dishes and recreate my lord’s favorites. This […]

D’borah’s Sopas

Keeping it Lawful A lot of refried beans have pork in them, but there are lawful options that are just as delicious! One option is to purchase and cook pinto beans with garlic, onion, spices, and mash. There are also vegetarian refried bean options you can pick up at your […]