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Hot Honey Basil Chicken

I’m arguably my happiest in the kitchen. The garden is a close second, but its something about the aromas, sounds, and synchronized chaos of the cooking epicenter, that truly makes the kitchen my happy place. It’s where the Lord allows a great deal of creativity to flow through me. I’m […]

Honey Garlic Turkey Chops

Scanning the web for dinner inspiration, which is something I do often, I recently came across a pork dish that I immediately thought to repurpose using a lawful meat option. As Bible believers, my family strictly adheres to the guidelines of the scriptures, which explicitly forbids the consumption of swine […]

JuJu’s Chilean Sea Bass and Tomato Salad

I often brainstorm different recipes, trying to wow my lord, who is a total foodie. As we grow together, I get a better understanding of what he enjoys, and do my best to capture his desires in the dishes I prepare. This dish is one my husband claims as a […]

Nanaaba’s Pepper Steak

I stumbled across this recipe, and recently made it for my lord’s house and a couple brothers. It was a hit y’all, AP! I normally research a ton of recipes, try them, and then implement my own twist and style. I must admit, I didn’t change one thing here, and […]

New DOS Culinary Corner!

If you haven’t browsed, honey you need to BROWSE!! Check out the Culinary Corner on the Daughters of Sarah website today! If you don’t find what you are craving here, this is an absolutely incredible resource to check out. Remember honey….BROWSE!!!!