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My baby was forced to take antibiotics. Now what?

The suggestions included in this post are based on personal experiences. The author is merely sharing what worked for them, and is not suggesting the information herein is medical advice. Please proceed with this understanding. Nowadays, many families have made a conscience decision to avoid synthetic medication in the treatment […]

Azariyah Judith’s Sorrel Beverage

Sorrel is a drink straight out of the tribe of Benjamin, and is known as a diuretic herb aiding in the maintenance of inflammation. Sorrel is more commonly known as Hibiscus, and also assists in the healthy flow of urine, and helps to treat bacterial infections. Tip: Chop or grate […]

Alternative Teething Relief for Babies

Few things are more difficult than watching your helpless little one endure the pains of teething. Some manage it better than others, but most parents completely avoid witnessing their infant experience the discomfort of this recurring milestone. I recently came across a homeopathic solution that has been amazing for our […]

D.O.S. Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Smoothies are a perfect meal replacement and a terrific vehicle to get helpful nutrients into our bodies. The Daughter’s of Sarah have done it again with a smoothie to help reduce inflammation in our temples. Check out the recipe above, and be sure to read on for more information. The […]

D.O.S. Stomach Flush Remedy

Many diseases start in the gut, which is why the Most High outlines a specific diet for our Nation to consume. Some times however, we fall short of the Father’s standard, and must strive to get ourselves back in alignment with His program as quickly as possible. The above recipe […]

COVID-19 Immunity Booster

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, people are seeking ways to naturally strengthen their body’s defenses. Many have confidence in the following combination of ingredients as an immunity booster. The concoction’s creator doesn’t position it as a cure, nor does Homes of Shalom. It is however, a natural means to assist […]