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Homemade Dairy-free Milk Option for Babies

Breast milk is always best, but you may find yourself in a situation where that may not be an option. Check out this video to learn what JuJu of Homes of Shalom has whipped up as a diary-free milk alternative packed with tons of nutrients for your growing littles! Dairy-free […]

Language Homeschooling Tools

Homes of Shalom has featured the Momma Home School Room before, and because they are so awesome, we are featuring them again! This time around, Chaya Yali Israel is cooking up preschool curriculum to help our littles learn additional languages. I came across this information on her Facebook page, and […]

10 Tips For Work From Home Mommies

Many mothers are now working from home due to the pandemic, which is adding a bit of angst in families across the globe. In addition to all the standard household duties many mothers embrace and tackle, they are now being called to be their child’s primary educator. I’ve said it […]