Add a little something special to your spread with one or more of these delicious dip ideas!

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Southwest Tuna Salad

I went back and forth a couple of times on the name for this dish, finally settling on what I hope conveys the flavor profile best. If you frequent this page, you are clear on one thing for sure; JuJu loves Northern Kingdom flavors! Northern Kingdom is the biblical reference […]

JuJu’s Chicken Salad

My family loves this chicken salad! I love it too. Not only because of it’s tastiness, but because it is the perfect prep dish for Sabbath. Easy to make ahead of time (before sundown), or even in a pinch the day of (if you have hard boiled egg on hand). […]


As a huge fan of avocado and pesto, this dip makes my heart sing!  The creamy avocado is a perfect accompaniment to the herbaceous pesto.  Super simple and full of flavor, this dip can be used on sandwiches, pastas, and of course your favorite dipper! Try this yumminess with tortilla […]