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Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Unleavened Bread

Lemons and blueberries perfectly compliment one another, and this unleavened bread/cake recipe proves it! Subtle flavors pop in a taste bud symphony you will love. The best of both worlds, this bread/cake combines cake with cheesecake! With hints of lemon incorporated throughout, the recipe ties together two primary layers that […]

Banana Pudding Unleavened Bread

After a few different versions, each with elements I enjoyed, I’ve finally settled on a banana pudding unleavened bread recipe my family loves! Bananas are regularly consumed in my lord’s house, and every member is a fan of the flavor. Try this recipe out and let us know if you […]

Unleavened Vanilla Wafers

This simple vanilla wafer recipe is perfect for those looking to enjoy their favorite sweet treats during periods in which Israelites are required to abstain from leavened foods, or make unleavened recipes. I recently used these in a Banana Pudding Unleavened Bread I made. If you’d like to learn more […]

JuJu’s Sweet Potato Parfait

Sweet potatoes make very regular appearances in my lord’s house, and I was super delighted I picked up a Japanese sweet potato by mistake on one of my recent store runs. In recent weeks I have been getting more of my produce from a Northern Kingdom store in my area, […]

New DOS Culinary Corner!

If you haven’t browsed, honey you need to BROWSE!! Check out the Culinary Corner on the Daughters of Sarah website today! If you don’t find what you are craving here, this is an absolutely incredible resource to check out. Remember honey….BROWSE!!!!

Zuriel’s Raw Carrot Cake

This tasty treat is made with no heat! Although that rhymes, it is absolutely true! Filled wit warm spicy, creamy textures, and crunchy elements, this raw dessert is sure to surprise and tantalize. Enjoy!