Casseroles + One Pot Meals

Limited time? Want to cut down on the dishes? Try one of these casserole or one pot meals for your busy family.

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Nanaaba’s Pepper Steak

I stumbled across this recipe, and recently made it for my lord’s house and a couple brothers. It was a hit y’all, AP! I normally research a ton of recipes, try them, and then implement my own twist and style. I must admit, I didn’t change one thing here, and […]

New DOS Culinary Corner!

If you haven’t browsed, honey you need to BROWSE!! Check out the Culinary Corner on the Daughters of Sarah website today! If you don’t find what you are craving here, this is an absolutely incredible resource to check out. Remember honey….BROWSE!!!!

Hash Brown Omelet Casserole

Two of my favorite breakfast items in one pan. Y’all know I’m over here fat girl dancing! Jokes aside, this one-pan meal is perfect for busy families, and is super Sabbath friendly. Imagine a delicious omelet, filled with tender veggies, gooey cheese and salty turkey bacon with a side of […]

JuJu’s Arroz con Pollo y Salchicha

This dish is my spin on rice and chicken, and definitely has a Judah vibe. Traditionally a Northern Kingdom dish, Arroz con Pollo doesn’t typically have large pieces of sausage throughout. In the traditional version, pork chorizo is used to flavor the dish, which was the first to go in […]

Green Chile Enchilada Casserole

My lord’s house recently entertained some of our favorite people. I decided to pull this recipe out, as I hadn’t made it since Feast of Dedication 2019, and casserole is perfect for feeding a large group in chilly weather. Some of our guests don’t eat meat, so I made both […]

Tadeas’ Turkey Lasagna

After much experimentation, I finally developed the perfect combination of ingredients for amazing lasagna! A delicious comfort food perfect for any season, this recipe is full of familiar flavors with hints of the unexpected. Be sure to follow Homes of Shalom on social media, using the icons in the website’s […]