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Sour Apple Gingerbeer

This drink is absolutely refreshing, and is tied to such a warm and beautiful memory for my lord’s house. While spending time with family in North Carolina for the Feast of Dedication, a beautiful sister of ours and I prepared a similar drink one evening when serving the men. It […]

Homemade Dairy-free Milk Option for Babies

Breast milk is always best, but you may find yourself in a situation where that may not be an option. Check out this video to learn what JuJu of Homes of Shalom has whipped up as a diary-free milk alternative packed with tons of nutrients for your growing littles! Dairy-free […]

Azariyah Judith’s Sorrel Beverage

Sorrel is a drink straight out of the tribe of Benjamin, and is known as a diuretic herb aiding in the maintenance of inflammation. Sorrel is more commonly known as Hibiscus, and also assists in the healthy flow of urine, and helps to treat bacterial infections. Tip: Chop or grate […]