Banners and Bucklers: Feast Day Design Inspiration

A simple banner, and a couple bucklers can liven up an empty wall in your home for feast days in no time! Easy to put up and take down, this no-fuss design idea is also easy on the budget. The two elements play off of each other nicely, providing a aesthetic that is neither too masculine or feminine. For this reason, this design idea can be used by all singles, as well as wives decorating for their lord’s home.

The buckler is perfect to incorporate for the Feast of Dedication, as a symbol/instrument of war. The buckler reminders us of the valiant fight the Maccabees put forth in subduing the heathen to reclaim the temple. AP! They are an excellent conversation starter for parents with little ones being introduced to their amazingly rich culture and traditions.

Both of these items were purchased on Amazon, for whom I’m an affiliate. I will share some links to the items below, and must remind you, that it is possible I may receive a small commission. Nevertheless, you can find these items in craft stores locally, and the Father still be glorified! AP!

Happy decorating family! Shalom.

Hanukkah Banner (removed bottom portion of banner because of Pagan elements)

Buckler with Lion (Judah)

Buckler with Wolf (Benjamin)

Plain Buckler

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