Author: JuJutheJew H.O. Yahn (Judah)

Hot Honey Basil Chicken

I’m arguably my happiest in the kitchen. The garden is a close second, but its something about the aromas, sounds, and synchronized chaos of the cooking epicenter, that truly makes the kitchen my happy place. It’s where the Lord allows a great deal of creativity to flow through me. I’m […]

Take the Kingdom FOD Decor!

This year my lord’s house is embracing a revolutionary theme to inspire ourselves, children, and any visitors to play an active and passionate role in rebuilding the decayed estate of our people. Daniel 7:18 KJV states: “But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the […]

Savory Sweet Potatoes

Family!! I did a thing, and it was completely unexpected! All praise and glory to the Father! We all know and enjoy sweet potatoes with the brown sugar, butter, cinnamon etc. I’ve even roasted sweet potatoes with herbs, and although it was tasty, it didn’t give WOW. This recipe definitely […]

Famine is Coming: Preventing Pests

Food sources are literally under attack around the world. Mysteriously burning crop fields, processing factories, and several thousands of livestock dead. Theories of causation aside, the reality is that systems of sustenance are being eradicated, and nourishment as we’ve known it, is rapidly speeding toward an evitable decline. As we […]