Alternative Teething Relief for Babies

Few things are more difficult than watching your helpless little one endure the pains of teething. Some manage it better than others, but most parents completely avoid witnessing their infant experience the discomfort of this recurring milestone.

I recently came across a homeopathic solution that has been amazing for our son, who seems to cut a new tooth every other day! Total exaggeration, but I do believe I’ve found something to give our big guy some big time relief. The formula is safe from newborn and up, and has both a daytime and evening version. I highly recommend trying it to see if you can avoid Tylenol or other drug-based solutions when trying to comfort your baby.

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  1. All praises to The Most High who is always right on time! My 2 year old prophet has been in pain and doesn’t like the ginger on his gums that I’ve been doing 😶 I just placed an order for this and I’m thankful for the healing to come! Shalom and be blessed sis 🥰😊

    • All praises to the Father sissy!! Sis Anyah is a regular contributor with fantastic advise. We so love and appreciate her wealth of knowledge. I too recently ordered some for my 8 month old and am excited to see how it works. Let us know how your prophet responds. Love you much! Shalom!

  2. Sis lourdes

    AP I’m going to check it because my baby girl is also teething

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