AJewJew Beads for Teething Babies

There are thousands of teething items on the market, but none cuter, more creative, or stylish than the handmade teethers by AJewJew Bead. Expertly crafted, these pieces are more frequently finding themselves in the tight clasps of baby hands, drenched in their constant stream of drool. According to mommies who’ve made the purchase for their little bundles, AJewJew Bead teethers are as effective at soothing pain, as they are adorable!

I plan to make a purchase soon and will share my experience in the comments LW. The AJewJew Bead line was founded by Akiyah Israel, who can be found on Instagram @a_jewjew_bead. A link to her online shop can be found by clicking here. She has some additional offerings beyond the teethers, so be sure to check her out. If you do make a purchase, let us know how your little one enjoys AJewJew Bead!

Would you just get a load of this cutie right here!! The Author of Beauty certainly knows what he is doing! AP!

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