Adding a Chalkboard Wall is Functional, Flexible, and Fun!

We recently added a Chalkboard wall to our den, which has already had a positive impact on how I wife and mother in my lord’s home. With the help of my handy hubby, the new addition was pretty effortlessly incorporated for under $25 bucks (paint). A 30-ounce bucket did the trick, and he even had some to spare. The Chalkboard wall is functional, flexible, and so much fun for my lord’s family. Here are some ways we use the newly incorporated feature:

Instruction Tool – Within seconds, our den can be transformed into a classroom, allowing me to consistently teach our little people God’s laws, as well as other relevant subjects/topics. As an Israelite woman, I understand I have a tremendous responsibility as a nurturer for the next generation. What and how we as mothers teach our children, will shape the Nation, either bringing glory or dishonor to the Most High. We’d be wise not to bring dishonor, and at every moment should be equipping ourselves with skills, knowledge, and tools that will help our little people grow into avengers and daughters of Sarah.

Household Communication Board – The board is helpful in the organization and operation of my lord’s home. With so many things running through my mind, it is nice to have a place to jot things down to ensure I remember. I use the board to communicate household messages/reminders, personal lists and reminders, and menu options for Sabbaths/events.

Decorative Element – The Chalkboard wall is a lot of fun to decorate for High Holy Days. The children love it, and I enjoy watching them create to the glory of the Most High. This is a perfect way to temporarily transform and decorate a space for these special days.

Entertainment Tool – This Chalkboard wall is perfect for keeping/posting score, as well as drawing and writing for games requiring such.

Child Activity Tool – My babies can create on this board for hours! My lord and I are big on controlling the messaging our children are exposed to, which means very little television. As such, it is my responsibility to create activities that challenge their minds and development. Purchase a range of chalk colors, give them a topic/task, and watch their imaginations to come alive!

The Chalkboard wall is a focal element in my lord’s home, and has so many practical uses. Its presence creates a learning and family focused atmosphere, without taking away from the tranquility and aesthetic of our home. I highly recommend incorporating one into your home!

Links to help you get started

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Chalkboard Paint

Black option

Clear option

Applicator Tools

Roller + brush set

Complimentary Accessories


Chalkboard eraser

Small decorative container (to hold chalk and eraser to avoid messy and cluttered look.)

Feel free to use items you already have on hand like we did. My lord had a roller and brushes from previous paint projects.

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