Add to your Hospitality Arsenal with a Beverage Bar

Hospitality is the focus of entertaining. According to an online definition, hospitality is:

The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

I strive to make my lord’s home as comfortable as possible, first for him, secondly for our children, and also for any guests we invite into our home. From the cleanliness, to the food served, I strive to consistently enhance the amenities offered in the House of Yahn.

One relatively inexpensive way to hit a hospitality home-run, is with a beverage bar. This little nook offers a variety of beverage selections to satisfy a range of tastes of those living in and visiting your home. The beverage bar also adds to the decor, giving your home a warm and welcoming vibe. This is the beverage bar I put together for my lord’s house:

Full shot of bar showcasing coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverage options.
Keurig machine.
K-cups/coffee pods holder.
Inside of the cabinet holds extra coffee, tea, supplies, and strong drink.

Across the room I have a standing wine rack for our guests who opt for a glass of wine.

As you can see, a beverage bar/area is pretty simple to pull off. All you need to start is a cabinet and a coffee maker of your choice. I purchased our cabinet for $40 or so at Ross, and the coffee maker I selected was $150 at the time of purchase. I spent the extra money because the machine brews Espresso, cold drinks, tea, as well as traditional coffee. I use disposable cups so that I can give my husband a cup on the go, but you can use mugs/glasses and house inside the cabinet. The possibilities are endless, and you can build your beverage bar to your liking over time.

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Keurig Machine

K-cup Holder

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