Add to Your Decor with Wax Before the Fire Candles!

Lion’s Den. Lion’s Den. Lion’s Den!!! My favorite candle from Wax Before the Fire, which says a lot because all of these candles are amazing! I love candles because they help set a calm and relaxing vibe in our homes, very inexpensively. Not only do candles make our homes smell deliciously, they add flare and detail to our decor. Wax Before the Fire has a variety of candles and other products that will increase the Shalom in your home LW.

Wax Before the Fire is known mainly for their yummy candles, which are hand poured and mixed with premium fragrance oils. In addition to candles, the company also offers:

  • room mist
  • wax melts
  • moisturizing whipped soaps
  • bath salts

Wax Before the Fire is five years strong, and have had me as a faithful customer for over two years. Check out the website and be sure to like on Facebook! Whatever you purchase, I’m confident you will love it. Here’s a little tip from me to you…get you a candle, a whipped soap, and some bath salts and enjoy them thangs together at the same time! You can thank JuJu later! Shalom!

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