Homes of Shalom is a Home and Lifestyle blog spanning multiple categories, to help families increase the peace in their homes and everyday lives.  From recipes, how-to videos and product reviews, to helpful tips and tricks, Homes of Shalom is where we teach and learn good things together!

The site’s content is developed by it’s creator and primary contributor, Judith Israel, as well as brothers and sisters who are committed to helping the Nation grow through the sharing of our respective knowledge, gifts, and talents.  

About the Site’s Creator

Judith is the wife of Yahn Ben Israel, and mother to three amazing little people, Joshua (8 months), Amiyah (5), and LaShaun (8).  She enjoys cooking, entertaining, reading, writing, conceptualizing solutions, and spending time with her husband and children.  Judith created Homes of Shalom to convert her hobbies and interests, into a manifested platform to support her family and serve her people.  Understanding that she is a very small piece of the puzzle, she broadened the site’s mission, opening the door for interested parties to contribute to the platform.

Judith’s mission is to be a light and servant to her people, as she serves her lord and family in righteousness.

How you Help

Do you have a proven organization tip that makes your home extremely efficient?  A delicious recipe that everyone loves?  Perhaps a health remedy that can boost the immunity of the Nation?  Share it with the HOS team today!

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