10 Tips For Work From Home Mommies

Many mothers are now working from home due to the pandemic, which is adding a bit of angst in families across the globe. In addition to all the standard household duties many mothers embrace and tackle, they are now being called to be their child’s primary educator. I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again; I think this is the best thing to happen to our families!

As positive as I see it, this is an enormous undertaking, and will require some getting used to. As with all things, there is a way to conquer and overcome, with preparation, organization, and determination. For those of you who are committed to excelling and finding the perfect balance for your family, here are 10 tips to assist in your journey! I’ve also included a link to a live Facebook video complete with commentary.

10 Tips for Work from Home Mommies

1. Establish your child’s sleep schedule and stick to it – This step is critical to developing a routine. Set bed time, which will help dictate everything else (naps, feedings etc)

2. Establish your child’s programming – Develop an Arsenal of programming and activities you will use to occupy your little one throughout the day. I use Little Israel playlist and Leapfrog videos (Netflix).

3. Establish a safe space for your child, outside of your work area, that will give you total peace of mind – I use a huge play pen for Joshua, full of toys. Position a camera on this area so that you can keep an eye on your little booger.

4. Prepare meals for both you and baby/child in advance – I do so at night. If you were leaving the house for work, you’d have to do this. Use the same approach and the day will go a lot smoother.

5. Prepare dinner a night in advance as a safety net – See time mark 14:15 in the Facebook live video for a detailed explanation.

6. Establish times throughout the day when it is just you and your little one – I schedule this time before nap time. I will talk, hug, hold, kiss, and enjoy Joshua in these moments so he gets the attention he needs and desires from me throughout his day. This is where block scheduling can be helpful (see next tip).

7. Block schedule your day – See time mark 21:35 in the Facebook live video for a detailed explanation.

8. If you fall behind in an area, use your personal block to get back on track – Every day is not going to go as planned. When this happens, you have a safety net in your personal block schedule. It is important to try your best to stay on schedule, but don’t throw yourself into a tizzy if things are going off the rails a bit. So that I’m clear, IT WILL HAPPEN! Take a small section of your personal block to catch up, to avoid taking the additional tasks into the following day. That would only cause you to feel overwhelmed.

9. Evaluate your progress weekly in a log/journal – It is important to track your progress to assess how much you are truly accomplishing. Keeping a log/journal will help make this clear to assist in making any necessary tweaks and modifications.

10. Be patient in the beginning and stick to it – You are both learning something new, and that takes time. Don’t give your mind over to heaviness and feel good about the fact that you are making an effort to improve your situation. That is a huge step forward! AP!

Facebook Live Video – 10 Tips for Work From Home Mommies

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